About Us

re{cycle} was founded in the fall of 2011 by four Vanderbilt students aiming to fill a need for their community. They realized that students should have the option to rent a bike, have that bike repaired, and buy accessories WITHOUT leaving campus. The Vanderbilt Ventures Competition and the Vanderbilt Green Fund jointly funded our venture and have allowed our vision to transform into a real business.

re{cycle} enhances riders’ experiences providing a community of bikers, saving students money, and allowing them to explore Nashville daily for an affordable price. re{cycle} is a business that is classified as a part of Vanderbilt that aims to increase efficiency, provide green transportation, and promote biking in general.

We are proud to say that Vanderbilt has provided us with a storefront in the Sarratt Student Center next to Campus Copy and Pi/Leaf. Stop by and say hi! We are probably hanging out on the futon watching a movie or doing homework.


Juliette Cilia now lives in New Jersey and is a Brand Planner for Young and Rubicam. Juliette loves traveling and serves as a great example of the entrepreneurial spirit that re{cycle} works to grow on Vanderbilt’s campus.

Nissa Ostroff was an Art History and Public Policy Studies major hailing from New York. Her main interests are traveling, eating ice cream, writing, and reading. She hopes to run the world one day. Her favorite thing about re{cycle} was seeing an idea rise from a lingering thought to fruition as well as meeting all of the amazing people at Vanderbilt who helped re{cycle} come to life.

John Ratliff is from Oklahoma City and currently studies Economics. His favorite part about re{cycle}, is that it requires a balancing act and a mental focus. He enjoys the opportunity entrepreneurship provides to improve the situations of the people around him.

Brett Ungashick is from Kansas City and can simply be classified as a serial entrepreneur. Brett is now working on his third start-up and truly enjoys the excitement surrounding the birth of an enterprise. Brett plans to run his own business wherever his passions in life take him.

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