Our policies. If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to contact us at admin@unversityrecycle.com.

Return and Refund Policy: Daily renters, if unsatisfied with their biking experience, may return their bike and have their commodore card refunded the daily rental fee. All renters are held responsible for any damages to their re{cycle} bikes beyond normal wear and tear. Bikes that do incur normal wear and tear are to be repaired by our maintenance staff as part of the maintenance and repair package. Our maintenance staff will charge renters who have not purchased the maintenance package for all necessary repairs. Semesterly renters have 15 days while Yearly renters have 30 days from the day that they receive their re{cycle} bike to return the bike to our storefront for a full refund. Again, the rule of normal wear and tear applies to these renters.

If a customer’s re{cycle} bike is deemed lost or unreturned at the end of the rental period specified, the said customer will be held responsible for the cost of the bike.

Stolen re{cycle} bikes should be reported as stolen to VUPD. Renters who lose or have their bikes stolen from them will have to pay to replace the bike. The improper use of our U-locks does not serve as an exemption to any of our policies.
Delivery Methods and Timing: Upon a customer’s timely rental purchase of a re{cycle} bike for a semester or a year, the said customer will have his/her bike made available at a convenient location on campus per his/her arrival. The ordered re{cycle} bike will be handed over to the customer upon proof of purchase and proper identification.

If a student chooses to rent a re{cycle} bike after arriving on campus, they may do so; however, the immediate delivery we offer and recommend will not be guaranteed because of the nature of lead time, shipping, relations with our wholesaler, and other variables that are not totally under re{cycle}’s control.

Daily rentals may be made either by walk in or by appointment. Customers wishing to rent out multiple bikes (ie student groups or groups of friends wishing to guarantee the availability of our bikes) are encouraged to do so by appointment. One of our employees or likely a director will facilitate this process if normal storefront hours do not coincide with your schedule. Daily rentals must be returned within 24 hours after the purchase was made. The bike must be properly locked up as instructed by the re{cycle} employee, and the key placed in our secure drop box. If the re{cycle} bike is not returned, your commodore card will be charged a daily rental charge for each day that the bike is not returned. Insufficient commodore cash funds do not exist as a loophole: you will be sought out and held responsible for all charges.

Privacy Statement:

We at re{cycle} value your privacy just as much as you do and want your online experience to be both satisfying and safe. re{cycle}’s webpage is secure; you may in good conscious submit your credit card information as this is information that WILL NOT be shared with anyone. This information is only accessible by re{cycle} for our own liability purposes. Necessary personal information that you share with re{cycle} will not be shared with outside sources or firms (this includes name, phone number, address, age, sex, year, and clearly payment information). You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your unique password and user name. We are not responsible for someone finding out your own information. We are committed to data security and providing you with a safe and secure location in which we can do business.”

On-time delivery of our bikes ordered is subject to the inventory availability of our wholesaler. We will do our absolute best to have your bike available for you by move-in day. Average lead-time needed to get a bike assembled and delivered on campus is 16 days.

By renting with re{cycle}, you agree to our waiver. Please review our waiver.